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San Pietro was the Cathedral of the Diocese of Sorres until 1503, when it was suppressed with a Papal Bull and incorporated to the Archbishopric turritano. Among all the Bishops of Sorres, is more remembered Godfrey, Cistercian monk Clairvaux who ruled the diocese from 1171 to 1178. According to tradition the sarcophagus, housed in the Church, was the ancient burial of Bishop, invoked with faith against bodily disease.It seems that the work on the church building to be initiated towards the first half of the 12th century, but remained stopped construction for a fairly long period of time and then resumed and completed as early as 1200. The Church was built in limestone and basalt voussoirs, material available in the territory.San Pietro belongs to the Tuscan Romanesque - 1200. With the adjective indicates that Romanesque period of cultural revival, embracing the 11th and 12th centuries that drew the main.
The first order is characterised by decorations with acanthus leaves, with Royal agarics, arrows, and the dentils, oval, lanceolate leaves multiple plots drawn to Byzantine manner. The main feature of all orders is the delicate and precise work of patterned inlay in the space between the arches and cornices that circumscribe square diamonds to two steps from white to black with mirror inlaid differently and double saw tooth structure around two oculi of the aisles.